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ASCO is a leading company for design and manufacture of all kinds of agricultural drones and robots, using the expertise and knowledge of Iranian youth in accordance with global standards. At ASCO, we provide a variety of engineering services using drones in the field of agriculture, monitoring and surveying, mapping, specialized repairs of flying robots, and training in the use of drones, with unique quality and accuracy. Since 2016, we have tried to satisfy and support our customers by providing the best quality, the highest accuracy and using the latest technology.
All types of agricultural drones, including drones with 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L capacity. We try to sold out the best drones with high qualities from best companies around the world. companies that produce drones with high quality like TOPXGUN company and XAG company. For more information please contact 00989106767210 on whatsapp.


topXGun team was firstly established in 2009 and formally registered in 2015. With more than 10 years of experience in flight control development and manufacture, TopXGun has expanding our technologies to produce UAV and peripherals including sensors, pods, apps, software and cloud service system. TopXGun owns qualifications including High Technology Enterprise Certificate,ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001, etc. Our UAVs has passed international tests such as CE,FCC,ROHS and KC.  TopXGun products are widely used for agricultural purposes, power line inspection, delivery, etc. Currently focusing on drones for plant protection,TopxGun has been optimizing products according to agricultural professionals’ feedback. Now 20000+ sets of TopXGun flight controls have been sold to 400+ domestic and 100+ overseas clients, which include Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia and other countries in East Asia and North America.
  • Model NO: FP300
  • spraying in one hour: 12 hectares
  • spraying width: 10 meters
  • number of nozzles: 12
  • number of engines: 4
  • flight with each battery: 3 hectare 
  • 45L container,7m spreading range. Air jet spreading system
    Spread evenly, and no harm to the seeds. IP67, waterproof and no corrosion. No blocking anymore, and water washable. Real-time weight monitoring
    Overloading is prevented. 30L tank for spraying Efficiency of FP300 has been increased to 14.6 ha/hr. Auto pressure relief valve. High pressure nozzle ensures no drifting Support centrifugal nozzle. Powder agrochemical will not block the pipe. Full-range continuous level meter. The real-time level will be shown on the APP. Detect the obstacles from 40m away and circumvent obstacles automatically. 3 operation modes including AB Points, full autonomous and manual mode.
  • Model NO: TG26
  • spraying in one hour: 10 hectares
  • spraying width: 8 meters
  • number of nozzles: 9
  • number of engines: 6
  • flight with each battery: 2 hectare
  • Spraying Shape: Sector
  •  Terrain following radar is equipped to adjust the altitude of the drone to ensure flight safety and even spraying.Predict the breakpoint according to the route plan so that users can wisely arrange the timing for refill to improve battery efficiency.FPV (First-person view) enables user to see real-time 720p image of the environment in front of the drone on the RC display. Users can check operation data on the Plant Protection Assistant APP installed in the RC, which provided with route planning, voice broadcast, field management, and operation area statistics, etc.

  • Model NO: F16
  • spraying in one hour: 7 hectares
  • spraying width: 6 meters
  • number of nozzles: 8
  • number of engines: 4
  • flight with each battery: 1.5 hectare
  • Spraying Shape: Sector
  • Precise Positioning, Saft Flight
    Precise and Even Spraying with High Efficiency and Good Penetration
    Easy to Operate, Quick to Start
    Durable, Foldable and Easy to Transport
    Timely After-sales Service 24H on LIne to Protect Your Interests
  • Model NO: F10
  • spraying in one hour: 5 hectares
  • spraying width: 5 meters
  • number of nozzles: 4
  • number of engines: 4
  • flight with each battery: 1 hectare
  • Spraying Shape: Sector
  • Precise Positioning, Saft Flight
    Precise and Even Spraying with High Efficiency and Good Penetration
    Easy to Operate, Quick to Start
    Durable, Foldable and Easy to Transport
    Timely After-sales Service 24H on Line to Protect Your Interests


XAG is dedicated to bringing drones, robots, autopilot, artificial intelligence, and Internet-of-things into the world of agricultural production. It creates a smart agriculture ecosystem that leads us into the era of Agriculture 4.0 characterised as automation, precision, and efficiency. Technology and Service across 42 Countries and Regions. Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Italy, Morocco, Ghana, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, China, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Model NO: P100

XAG P100 Agricultural Drone is crafted in structure that can separate the flying platform and task systems, integrating efficient spreading and precision spraying modules. This powerful and reliable drone is the flagship to open the new era of smart agriculture. Efficient Spreading.280 kg per charge of a battery pack ¹. Precision Spraying. Centifulgally atomized droplet size: 60-400 μm. Flow rate (single pump): 0.3-6 L/min.(adjustable).Safe and Reliable.Dynamic radar, intelligent obstacle avoidance. Fully Autonomous Flight.One tap to operate on app, RTK.centimeter-level navigation. Detachable Design.Fast transform, easy to carry.Combine new peristaltic pumps and nozzie shutoff value wath maturecentrfugal atomisation technology, bringing an evclution of both flow.rate and efficiency, Make precision spraying go a step further.

  • Model NO: P40

Mapping with Ease. Quick start & simple-to-use. HD Field Map Stitching.6.67 hectares available in 10 minutes .Accurate Perception. Identify field boundary & crop growth.Highly Adaptable.Rapid swap for seamless operations.High-resolution Optical Image.12 million pixels to reveal the smallest details.Special Material Protection.Waterproof & dust-resistant, stronger anti-erosion.SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System is a perfect combination of the mighty AI algorithm, high-performance powertrain, and flexible task systems. As a perfect partner for digital agricultural production, it can easily realise fully autonomous field mapping, precision spraying and broadcast operations.

  • Model NO: V40

The V40 is XAG’s prize winning flagship agricultural drone. The tilting twin-rotor drone is an upgraded model of the XAG P Series and is more compact, flexible, and easier to transport. The twin-rotor structure contributes to an effective spray width of up to 10 metres. Thanks to aerodynamic optimisations, its spray penetration is over twice that of a traditional multi-rotor drone, making drops penetrate more precisely into dense crop canopies. The V40 drones support three different task systems – XAG RevoSpray, RevoCast, and RealTerra.

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